Wednesday, May 19, 2010

iPhone 4G Rumors

I have heard many rumors about an iPhone 4G coming out, and they are true, however, some people's imaginations got the best of them (ahem.. up there), but this post is to set those crazy pictures straight. A few days ago, in Vietnam, a working prototype of the iPhone 4G was found at a cafe. Here is the video link to that: . However, I still have my doubts. I don't speak Vietnamese, but the iPhone looks like it's running some sort of Self-Destruct software. If any of you do, please e-mail me, or leave a translation in the comments. But that is not why I'm doubting it is real. I doubt it is real, because days later, he found an iPod touch with a camera. A little too much of a coincidence, don't you think? However, Gizmodo payed 100,000$ to get a very similar prototype of the iPhone 4G and here is the video to that: , so it's probably real. Anyway, be patient! Jailbreaking video coming soon!

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