Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blackra1n Jailbreak in Plain English (iPhone and iPod touch 3.00

In case you decide you want to (for some reason) use blackra1n as your jailbreaking method, this is what you do: First, go to http://blackra1n.com/ and click on the system you are using (the apple for mac, the flag for windows). If you want to go to geohot's blog, just click on his portrait. After it's finished downloading, connect your iPod or iPhone, and hit "Make it Ra1n" on the screen. Let it do it's thing, and eventually, a picture of geohot will come up and a popup asking you for donations. After that, sync your iPhone again, and you're done! Again, I recommend you use Spirit for your method. Further Guidance: You will find an icon named blackra1n. I recommend you install all of the packages listed. After you have done that, you may delete the installation program if you wish, or leave it there just in case. More guidance coming in future posts.

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